Big Trouble in Little Sylax

Welcome to Silax

Ugg and Regulus have made a dramatic entrance to the little town of Silax. Two orcs have been quickly dispatched, and the smell of cooking flesh is still fresh on the cold night air.
The villagers are extremely grateful and invite you in to their humble town.
It’s a small place, nestled in amongst the ancient trees that loom all around. It seems that they do little to disturb the natural way of things, though Regulus notes with some disapproval the ugly images of several stumps that have been clearly used for lumber.
On high, his silver dragon familiar watches with a keen eye.
Despite the horrific image of Ugg, and the eerie presence of Regulus, the villagers are very welcoming.
“Please, come into our hall! We must have a feast in honour of you!” they say.

But there is sadness too. One of the men, the husband of the woman who was being kidnapped, has been badly injured and lingers close to death, with serious head injuries.

An elderly man, who seems to be the leader of this place (Regulus knows him Jargus, the village elder), shakes his head with a sigh, “Poor Jax, he was a good man. Now what shall Julia do without a husband to take care of her?” He looks up at you both and smiles a bitter sweet smile, “At least you stopped this day getting any worse. They’ve been harassing us for months like this, and always they get away before we can exact vengeance on them! Now you’ve caught one we can finally have done with it, and harm them as they have harmed us!”

The villagers cheer their agreement!

“String him up!”
“Burn him!”
“Cut his nuts off!”
“Off with his head!”
“Kill the orc!”

The orc turns to Ugg in desperation, eyes wide with panic. He shakes his head pitifully, “Please… please no!”

What do you do?

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