Sorcerer hermit.


Regulus and Athnien.
I am a hermit; I’ve been living up a mountain, three hours walk away from the nearest village, in a log cabin that I built myself. I usually only come down to the village once per month for a few supplies; and I grow, gather, hunt for or create the rest of what I need from the environment around me, using my connection with Nature.
Athnien is a companion of mine. He is a baby silver dragon, of about a year old. I came across his egg while out in the forest of the mountain side one day. At first I expected his mother to be about, so didn’t go anywhere near him. As I keep an affinity with nature, so I do with dragons, since they are connected also. So over a few days, I kept a bit of an eye on him. Those few days turned into a few weeks, and there was no sign of any other dragon about. Some have strange ideas of what dragons are and what they are about. This appears to stem from a lack of understanding of their fundamental nature. So I decided that leaving the egg there could be dangerous, if some other human should chance upon it. Likely the egg would not survive the encounter. So I took it upon myself to care for it – back in my cabin. When I first touched the egg I perceived – something. At first I was not sure what. As I carried the egg back to my cabin, the perception strengthened and clarified. And thus a connection was formed. I neither take him with me on my trips to town, nor mention him to others.



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