Welcome to the Immersion Studios playtest game!
This is where we will continue the game in between actual live games, and where vital information will be kept.
Feel free to post here as often as you wish so that the game may continue without pause.


“Live to Game, Game to Live.”


You are in the northern nation of Aquicinia, along its wild and lawless Northern marches, where the mountains are rugged shards of granite, and the trees are immense and ancient things that seem to frown at the human invaders to their realm.
The little town of Sylax is home to barely a few hundred inhabitants, and is truly a world apart from the rest of Aquicinia. There are no tax collectors here. No armies. No vagabonds or strays. Only the hardy wilderness folk that eke out a living in the harsh wilderness.
It is heading towards Autumn, and the land is covered in a thin sheeting of frost every morning. The days grow shorter, the shadows longer.

In this place the only real authority comes at the business end of a blade, and a lone hero is sometimes the only force standing up against the tyranny of evil hearts and fell creatures.

Into this harsh land you have come to make a difference – whether for good or ill is up to you.

Big Trouble in Little Sylax

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